Advanced Technology

Our state-of-the-art office has been designed with the latest technology for the com­fort, care, and enjoyment of our patients

The office offers the fol­low­ing advanced technology:

  • Com­puter Ter­mi­nals in each treat­ment room
  • Web Enabled
  • Dig­i­tal Radiography
  • Dig­i­tal Panoramic Radiography
  • Intra­o­ral Camera
  • Over­head LCD Monitors
  • Lat­est and Safest Ster­il­iz­ing Procedures
  • Ultra Plush Leather, Mem­ory Foam, Mas­sage Den­tal Chairs
  • Enter­tain­ment for the Entire Family
Each treat­ment room is equipped with a Com­puter Ter­mi­nal which will process all of the patient files, x- rays, treat­ment plans, insur­ance claims, and much more. Our Paper­less Office will uti­lize dig­i­tal chart­ing allow­ing smooth infor­ma­tion flow between the front and back office. Less paper work means less time you have to spend in the office.

The office is also equipped with Dig­i­tal Radi­og­ra­phy which has sev­eral advan­tages over tra­di­tional x-​ray technology:

  • Con­sid­er­ably faster
  • Up to 90% less radiation
  • Image enhance­ments
  • Elec­tronic storage
  • Enhanced patient education
One com­po­nent of the dig­i­tal radi­og­ra­phy is a Dig­i­tal Panoramic X-​ray machine. This new tech­nol­ogy replaces 10 indi­vid­ual films of a full mouth set of 14 x-​rays and elim­i­nates the use of haz­ardous devel­op­ment chem­i­cals mak­ing it envi­ron­men­tally friendly. Diag­nos­tic images can be accessed quickly, that will allow Dr. Wayne to diag­nose wis­dom teeth posi­tion, abscessed roots and lesions in the bone.

With the use of the Intra­o­ral Cam­era, we'll be able to show you exactly what issues are occurring. The cam­era is about the size of the den­tal mir­ror and can be mag­ni­fied about 25 times to show find­ings such as a bro­ken fill­ing, tooth cracks, or cav­i­ties. You will be able to bet­ter under­stand the con­di­tion of your mouth by see­ing your oral con­di­tions on the Over­head LCD Mon­i­tors. We will be able to show you pic­tures of your teeth and x-rays on the over­head monitors.

Aloha Fam­ily Den­tal has taken many steps to ensure your com­plete safety. All instru­ments are ster­il­ized using the Lat­est and Safest Ster­il­iz­ing Tech­niques. We are proud of our ster­il­iza­tion pro­ce­dures. We also use a closed water sys­tem to ensure that there is no cross-contamination.

Your com­fort is impor­tant to us, that is why we have installed high qual­ity den­tal chairs with Ultra Plush Leather, Mem­ory Foam and ErgoSoothe Mas­sag­ing com­fort sys­tem. We also offer the following amenities for the entertainment of the entire family:

  • WiFi
  • Cable TV in the recep­tion area and the treat­ment rooms
  • Satel­lite Radio
  • X-​Box and Games